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News and Events - List of TMA news

Highlights on Briefing Session on TMA's New Professional Qualification Framework & Code of Conduct & Practice
18 Feb 2011  

On request of some members, the following are:


Highlights of the Technical Briefing on 21 January 2011


1.     The draft module on Competence and Ethical Behavior of the SPM (Supervisory Policy Manual) was issued by the HKMA on 11 January 2011.  Copies have been sent to all AIs for consultation.  


2.     The draft TMA Code of Conduct and Practice has been issued on 11 Jan 2011 for consultation via the Hong Kong Association of banks and the DTC Association.  The draft is available on TMA website.  The consultation will end on 28 February 2011.  The TMA Code of Conduct & Practice will be endorsed in the 2nd Quarter of 2011.


3.     Under the new SPM module, staff of AIs engaged in “treasury market activities” are required to comply with the set supervisory requirements, for examples:


a)   AIs should take into account any relevant qualifications obtained by the staff under the professional qualification framework of the TMA, or comparable qualifications of other professional bodies.


b)   AIs should ensure their staff who are engaged in treasury market activities observe the relevant standards in the TMA Code.   


4.     The new Professional Qualification Framework (PQF) of TMA and the new Membership Regime of TMA are targeted to be launched in Q3/2011.  Four membership classes will be introduced: Honorary, Fellow, Full and Associate Members.


a)   TMA Honorary Members:  By invitation or application and with support of two Executive Board Members


b)   TMA Fellow Members:  By invitation or application


c)   TMA Full Members:  All current Full (practising) Members, Full Members, Oversea Members and Associate Members (who have passed the relevant Model Code Exam or have fulfilled other upgrading requirements)


d)   TMA Associate Members:  Existing Associate Members (who have not completed any upgrading requirements), Associate Members (Full Time Student) and Affiliate Members      


** For more details, please refer to the Technical Briefing powerpoint slides presented on 21 January 2011.  Please click here.